Why we have bees

European settlers in North America were not the only colonists to make the new world their new home. Honey bees were not native to this continent either.
They were brought here to pollinate apple trees brought over by the colonists. Colonies of honey bees were established in Massachusetts in 1639 and in Connecticut in the 1650s, affecting agriculture and the environment in ways still felt today.
Catherine Wolko of the Connecticut Beekeepers Association, will give a talk on Connecticut Beekeepers and the History of Honey Bees in Connecticut on Saturday, Aug. 8, at 1, at the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History on the UConn Storrs campus.
Her main apiary is a registered farm that produces fruit and honey. She has been a guest on numerous TV shows discussing beekeeping and the honey bee decline, including Better Connecticut, WTNH News, and FOX Business.
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