Who pays the most taxes in Wilton?

The financial services company TIAA-CREF is Wilton’s top taxpayer, according to the 2011 grand list. It has an assessed value of $111,026,070. Based on the current mill rate, the company has a tax bill of $2,337,708.

Wilton Assessor David Lisowski released the list of the town’s top 10 taxpayers this month, which was based on a finalized assessment as of April 2012. All are commercial taxpayers. The list does not reflect the recent sale of Wilton Executive Campus.

The 10 companies have a total assessed value of $481,832,320, which accounts for 9.42% of the net taxable grand list. The net taxable grand list is $5,112,946,800.

TIAA-CREF itself accounts for 2.17% of the grand list.

The grand list is the town’s tax base and represents all taxable property — real estate, motor vehicles, and personal property — in Wilton. It is compiled every Oct. 1 by the assessor’s office.

Name    Assessed Value
TIAA-CREF    $111,026,070
Financial services
Wilton 40, 50, 60 LLC et al    $97,792,720
Investment company
Connecticut Light & Power     $92,312,210
Public utility
Wilton Executive Campus     $45,647,560
Office complex
Avalon Properties    $38,047,060
Rental housing
ASML Lithography Sys    $23,557,710
Semiconductors & lithographic equipment
Wilton Meadows Retirement et al     $22,871,910
Health care
Norwalk Second Taxing District    $20,413,960
Municipal utility
M C L Ventures et al    $16,427,930
Real estate
CD Station, LLC    $13,735,190
Real estate