The Millennial.

We’ve been obsessed with this specific type of person for well over a decade now. The generation that came of age in the post-9/11 era; the ones who grew up plugged-in; the ones who left the suburbs for the cities and are now maybe going back; the ones who supposedly are giving up the dream of home ownership so they can eat more avocado toast; the ones who say “OK Boomer”; the ones who apparently kill everything they touch and can’t seem to get enough of Friends.

All that, and now they’re approaching middle age. 

Depending on whom you ask, the first millennials will hit the big 4-0 either this year or next. Some say people that were born just as Jimmy Carter was finishing up his one term deserve the designation, while Pew believes 1981 is the cutoff between Millennials and Generation X. 

Wherever you stand on the matter, the fact remains that the kids aren’t so young anymore. They’re taking over the population and taking control of our most powerful political, financial and social institutions. The generation we’ve been so obsessed with picking apart for the last decade is all grown up.

We at InsideHook are fascinated by this. Our staff spans writers, editors, contributors and readers from Boomers to Gen. Zers (How do you do, fellow kids?) and everything in between. So we asked them: What can we expect from the Millennial approaching middle age? What comes next and what will their legacy be? 

With that, welcome to Millennial Week.

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