Waterbury police: Four arrested for driving erratically, waving guns

WATERBURY — Police arrested four individuals after they allegedly drove erratically and waved guns from their car on Saturday afternoon, officials said.

Waterbury police arrested 18-year-old Nayshaun Owens, 19-year-old Savion Ettson, 20-year-old Ariangelie Martinez and 19-year-old Jose Soares on charges of illegal possession of a weapon, carrying a pistol without a permit and other offenses, officials said.

At around 3:57 p.m., police received a report that a vehicle was driving erratically through the Truman Aparment Complext on Main Street, with front and rear passengers hanging out of the windows and waving guns, according to police.

Police said they identified a white Jeep Cherokee that matched the reported vehicle. After the vehicle continued to drive recklessly, officers conducted a motor vehicle stop.

Police said they investigated further and found a ghost gun, or a firearm with no identifiable make or model. The firearm had an attached extended magazine with many 9mm rounds and an additional extended magazine with two extra 9mm rounds.

One occupant allegedly also had illegal narcotics, police said.

They are all currently held on bond, with amounts ranging from $150,000 to $200,000.