Water supply found for Fire Station No. 2

Fire officials have finally found a source of clean well water for Fire Station 2 in North Wilton, which is being examined for major renovations.

Chief Ronald Kanterman said Jan. 23 that a clean well has been dug near the station at 688 Ridgefield Road, land that is owned by the Wilton Land Trust and for which permission has been given for use.

“Our water was contaminated. The way everything goes, without clean well water the whole project was on hold. What’s the point of renovating without water?” Kanterman said.

Firefighters at Station 2 now drink water from a tank, he said.

Now that potable water has been secured, the next step is for the architectural firm to update the mechanical requirements of the fire station, like plumbing and electrical work.

The architects will also figure out what the renovation project will cost. “Right now we have no idea,” Kanterman said.

The Fire Station 2 Building Committee meets every other Wednesday night at the Comstock Community Center. The next meeting is Feb. 8.

Richard McCarty, chairman of the committee, could not immediately be reached for comment.

The discovery of fresh water is the latest news on Fire Station 2 since Kanterman announced late last year that two unisex bathrooms that can accommodate males, females and transgender individuals alike are included in the latest requirements for the building at 707 Ridgefield Road.

“There will be a sign that will say unisex facility, with a lock on the door,” Kanterman said at the time. “It’s for whenever I hire firefighters, whenever that is going to be. I don’t care what they look like or how they go to the toilet. It’s how they perform the job.”

There are no female or transgender firefighters at this moment, but that could change. “We have to be prepared to have bathrooms, showers, lockers, where people can have privacy,” Kanterman said.

Wilton voters early last year approved a $90,000 bond authorization to complete architectural and engineering schematics for the firehouse renovation.