Water agency warns of drought severity, urges conservation

Despite the recent rainfall, South Norwalk Electric and Water has reached the second stage in its drought response plan, the Drought Watch. The continued lack of significant beneficial rain coupled with a high water demand has SNEW reservoir levels at 41%, triggering the Drought Watch. The agency has customers in the Silvermine section of Wilton.

The Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup issued a drought advisory for the state earlier this summer and Connecticut’s drought condition has been classified by the National Weather Service as moderate to severe. The continued lack of rainfall in the forecast is expected to contribute to this drought condition.  

SNEW is strongly requesting its customers conserve water at this time with an overall goal of a 15% reduction in water use. In addition to ways customers can conserve that were recently noted, SNEW is requesting that customers further conserve by eliminating outdoor lawn watering with irrigation and sprinkler systems. Some other actions that customers can take to conserve water include not running the tap while brushing teeth and shaving, reducing time in the shower and volume of bath water and cleaning sidewalks with a broom instead of with a hose.

Additional conservation tips can be found on the SNEW website atsnew.org.