Watch: Groundhog faces down bobcat in Wilton - and lives

Photo of Peter Yankowski
A groundhog faces off against a bobcat in Wilton, Conn. Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020.

A groundhog faces off against a bobcat in Wilton, Conn. Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020.

Contributed /David Drew

WILTON — Things might have gone differently for a groundhog Tuesday morning after it encountered a bobcat in David Drew’s front yard, but the plucky marmot stood its ground — and lived to chuck wood another day.

Drew, who filmed the encounter and posted the video to a Wilton Facebook group, said he spotted the two animals as he pulled into the driveway of his Buckingham Ridge Road home around 8 a.m.

At first, he didn’t recognize the bobcat, which he said was his first sighting of the state’s only known wildcat in the 15 years he’s lived there.

In the video, the smaller woodchuck can be seen advancing toward the bobcat, pushing the short-tailed feline back.

“The groundhog seemed pretty capable of taking care of itself,” Drew said, reached by phone Tuesday afternoon.

Drew said he arrived home after the confrontation began between the two animals, so he didn’t see how the standoff started.

Eventually, his dogs in the back seat of his vehicle took notice of the standoff and began barking.

It’s not shown in the one-minute clip Drew shot, but he said the barking made the two animals scatter in different directions.

The bobcat re-emerged and hung around his rockwall for about 15 minutes, Drew said, before it took off for good.

Wilton has played host to a number of wildlife sightings over the years.

A bobcat was spotted in mid-afternoon in the winter of 2019, and earlier this year, a miniature horse sustained injuries after officials believe it was attacked overnight by a black bear.

Bobcats have made a resurgence in Connecticut after the state banned hunting and trapping of the animals in the 1970s. For several decades before then, the state had a bounty on the wildcats, believing they were a danger to agriculture and game species, according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.