Von Kohorn takes the fifth in sexual assault deposition

Former Miller-Driscoll School paraprofessional Eric Von Kohorn refused to testify in any substantial way when questioned by attorneys representing the plaintiffs and defendants in the case of Girl Doe PPA v. Wilton Board of Education Et Al.

Von Kohorn was questioned June 5 at the Carl Robinson Correctional Institution in Enfield by Paul Slager, who represents the plaintiffs, known as the “Doe” family, and Thomas Gerarde, who represents the Town of Wilton and its Board of Education. The Doe family is suing the town and Board of Education, alleging Von Kohorn took their daughter — a preschool student at Miller-Driscoll — to the bathroom alone and sexually molested her.

To nearly every question he was asked — aside from his name, address, date of birth and Social Security number — he cited his Fifth Amendment right not to answer in order to avoid self-incrimination. Von Kohorn was represented by attorney Peter Billings.

Slager asked Von Kohorn about the alleged incident, which is said to have taken place in December of 2012, but he refused to answer.

Von Kohorn refused to answer when Slager asked:

  • If he took the girl into the bathroom;

  • If he informed fellow staff members he intended to take her to the bathroom;

  • If he sexually assaulted the girl;

  • If he caused injury to her vaginal area;

  • If he penetrated her;

  • If he took pictures of her while her pants were down;

  • If he told her not to tell anyone what he did;

  • If he circulated digital images of the girl when she was not wearing any clothes or was in a sexually suggestive pose;

  • If he used photos of the girl for his own sexual gratification.

Von Kohorn also refused to answer questions regarding a boy, whose family is also suing the town and school district, claiming he was molested and photographed by Von Kohorn while a student at Miller-Driscoll. Slager represents the boy and his family as well.

He continued in his refusal to answer when Slager asked if he had photographed or molested any other children in the school.

When Gerarde asked questions on behalf of the town and Board of Education, Von Kohorn’s response was the same. The entire deposition took 17 minutes.

It may be read at http://bit.ly/2sDx87Z.

The deposition was included in the plaintiffs’ argument, on June 30, against a motion for summary judgment filed in March by Gerarde on behalf of the town and Board of Education.

A trial management conference is scheduled for Oct. 18, with jury selection scheduled for Nov. 1.