Vintage Salsa & Rotisserie comes to roost at train station

The aroma of roasting rotisserie chickens is the first thing that greets travelers when they walk into the Wilton train station. Vintage Salsa & Rotisserie has set up shop, with a menu that includes not only the chickens, but egg and chorizo breakfast burritos, tacos, enchiladas, tortilla pizzas, salads, and cupcakes made from scratch on the premises.

"We offer coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner," said Tony Tecce, who runs the concession stand with his family. "It's eat-in, pick up or delivery."

The "soft opening" took place last week, and "each day is getting busier and busier," said Tiffany Tecce, Mr. Tecce's wife.

The actual launch of the concession stand is the culmination of a plan that started four years ago — you might say it took a while to hatch.

"That's when we first got the itch to open a new restaurant," said Mr. Tecce. "Our background includes owning and operating three restaurants in Lake Tahoe, Nev. Unfortunately, in Wilton, food service space is very expensive and hardly suitable for a small Mexican delivery joint. We noticed the Wilton train station would be a great spot, but it was all closed up."

The Tecces contacted First Selectman Bill Brennan, State Senator Toni Boucher and State Rep. Gail Lavielle "for information on the station, which is owned by the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

Plans were already in the works to refurbish and reopen the station, which were realized last year. The Tecces notified DOT about their interest in opening the concession.

Meanwhile, they started a homemade salsa condiment company, Vintage Salsa. "It became a big hit and was sold in 12 stores throughout Connecticut and New York ... and is now used at the concession stand," Mr. Tecce said.

Finally, last September, the Tecces were granted a lease for the concession, and undertook "a complete renovation of the kitchen space. From the ceiling to the floor, it all had to be replaced," he said.

They expected to open by the end of 2011, but the state's bureaucratic red tape got in the way.

"The state fire marshal had more hoops for us to jump through," said Mr. Tecce.

Eventually the long process came to a successful conclusion, with the help of town officials. "I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Brennan, Ms. Boucher and Ms. Lavielle," Mr. Tecce said.

"I'm just delighted about Vintage Salsa," said Ms. Lavielle. "It's always good to see a new business open in Wilton that's owned and managed by a Wilton family, and Tony Tecce has worked very hard to make this happen. It's great for all of us in Wilton, and it's especially good news for our commuters. They deserve to have somewhere pleasant to sit, buy a beverage or food to take on the train, and even order take-out or delivery in the evening. Commuting is hard work every day, and Vintage Salsa will make it a better experience."

News of Vintage Salsa & Rotisserie opening has spread "by word of mouth and through Facebook," said Ms. Tecce.

An adjacent room at the station is furnished with tables and chairs for diners to eat in.

"We have received lots of feedback" about the cuisine with the Southwestern flavor, said Ms. Tecce. "We're bringing the West Coast here."

The menu also includes imported Mexican soda and Golden Girls Cupcakes. "Lisa Triantafilidis of Norwalk makes everything from scratch in our kitchen every day," said Mr. Tecce.

One of her specialties is a French toast cupcake with maple buttercream frosting.

"We serve cupcakes that are baked fresh daily, unique and delicious," said Ms. Triantafilidis, owner of Golden Girls Cupcakes. "We offer a limited variety daily but are happy to take orders if you would like a certain flavor. We hope to be a local favorite for special occasions or just to satisfy a sweet tooth."

As for the rotisserie chickens, "They are never overseasoned with funky flavors. We just use a little salt and pepper. They are fresh, never frozen," Ms. Tecce said.

Vintage Salsa & Rotisserie at the Wilton train station is open from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Information: 203-957-3200.