Village committee has first meeting

The newly revitalized Village District Design Advisory Committee had its first meeting Aug. 21, going over the basics of the Freedom of Information Act.

The previous panel, which was down to three members, met as recently as July 11, to review the Wilton Heights proposal. The expanded committee will continue that work.

The committee will review and advise the Planning and Zoning Commission on the architecture and design of applications affecting properties in Wilton’s village districts, which include Wilton Center and Cannondale.

At least one member of the committee must be an architect, landscape architect or planner who is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. The panel now has four architects: John Doyle, Sam Gardner, Kevin Quinlan and Rob Sanders.

The two non-architects selected to serve as volunteers are Laura Noble Perese, who has a marketing background, and Megan Abrahamsen, who has a background in retailing and merchandising.

The committee was scheduled to elect officers at its first meeting, but decided to wait until a future meeting.

The committee was revitalized because a number of its members had left in recent times. It was down to three members and attaining a quorum for meetings was sometimes difficult. The commission announced June 26 it was looking for new members and that timing is not tied to any development project.

The committee may even change its name, or in the future perhaps broaden its scope. For now, though, it will act in an advisory capacity for development projects in the town center and villages.