Vanderslice gives salary raise back to town

Standing by what she said she would do, First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice has given her salary increase back to the town.
The Board of Selectmen at its meeting Jan. 9 accepted a gift to the general fund of $1,418 from Vanderslice.
The selectmen voted — with Vanderslice abstaining — to increase her salary by 2.5% on Dec. 7, 2015, shortly after she was elected. They voted on the increase even though she recommended they not. Their action raised the first selectman’s salary from $136,108 to $139,511.
At the time Vanderslice told The Bulletin, “I had a number of reasons for recommending no increase, not the least of which is, by maintaining the prior salary, I am acting consistently with the goal I articulated throughout [my] campaign of maintaining a flat Board of Selectmen budget.”
She didn’t want to discuss the gift at Monday’s meeting, but when pressed by fellow selectmen, said it was the second installment of her salary increase.
She tried to read off a list of other gifts to the town without mentioning her own.
“I didn’t think I had to,” she said jokingly, when Selectman Richard Dubow asked about it.