Valedictory speech: We have an ‘unbreakable connection’

So, we finally made it, didn't we? After four years of late nights, piles of homework, sports practices, theater rehearsals and the millions of other activities we do, we're finally done with high school.

But despite all of the hard work we have endured, we also made incredible friends and unbelievable memories along the way.

Most of us have been together in Wilton for as long as we can remember. And even those who recently moved here still fit right in. That's what I love about our graduating class in particular: we are all welcoming of each other, and we have all bonded together so well over the past few years. And through all these years, we have remained friends through thick and thin. We have truly grown up together and, because of that, we have an unbreakable connection.

So even though we all have our own plans for this fall and we will all end up going separate ways, I know that we will always be able to find our high school friends again. We will always have that support system which stood behind us and believed in us for so many years. That support system not only of incredible friends but also of amazing teachers and strong families.

So although it's sad that this stage in our life is over, we can look forward to our futures without forgetting our past. Right now, we can celebrate what we have accomplished in the past four years. We can remember the friendships, the endeavors, the hard work, the anticipation, and even the very end.

This is the time to make our final memories of high school, and to make those memories really count.

I wish the best for each and every one of you, and I know that all of you have such bright futures ahead. Thank you for making the past four years so special for me and for everyone else.

Congratulations, class of 2012 — we made it!