Update: Sensible Wilton calls off plan to present petition

A group calling for a revote on the Miller-Driscoll renovation plan says they no longer plan to present a petition with “over 1,000” signatures to the Board of Selectmen tonight, Dec. 15, though they had told The Bulletin earlier today they would.

According to information sent out by Sensible Wilton, it no longer plans to present petitions, but does intend open a discussion about the intent of its petition drive, and “strong concerns” expressed by those who have signed the petition.

In November, the group said it has the right to call a revote on the project through a legal tactic known as the “power of initiative,” which allows citizens to call a special town meeting so long as more than 1% of the town’s electorate signs a petition.

Sensible Wilton has collected signatures from nearly 10% of Wilton’s voting population, though Town Attorney Ken Bernhard has previously said the power of initiative does not allow residents to call a revote on an approved bond authorization.

If this were the case, a relatively small number of electors could cause a revote of acts that were already validly approved by the Town Meeting,” Mr. Bernhard said.