Unofficial results: Wilton’s GOP leads in municipal races while Dems sweep BOE

Photo of J.D. Freda

WILTON — Republicans will seemingly take home a majority of municipal seats in town while Democrats will dominate the open Board of Education spots, according to preliminary election results released Wednesday.

With two seats open on the Board of Selectmen and three candidates, the GOP and Democrats will split the seats. As of Wednesday morning, initial results favor Republican Kim Healy, who earned 2,963 votes, and Democrat Bas Nabulsi, who totaled 2,729 votes. The current tally has Ohio transplant and Democrat Keith Denning down over 300 votes with 2,375.

Healy and Nabulsi are newcomers to the BOS, as no incumbents were on the ballot this year.

For the Board of Finance, three full-term seats must be filled. Preliminary tallies show the two incumbents, Republican Stewart Koenigsberg and Democrat Sandra Arkell, ahead with with 2,910 votes and 2,722 votes, respectively.

First-time candidate and native Wiltonian Matthew Raimondi earned the most votes out of the finance board slate with 2,913. Republican candidate Monty Du sits just 12 votes behind Arkell.

In addition to the three full-term spots, there is room for one two-year term on the board that was contested between Republican Rich Santosky and Democrat Frank Bria. The preliminary results showed Santosky ahead with 2,614 votes to Bria’s 2,419.

While the Republicans earned the most seats at the municipal level, the Democrats held strong at the school board level. The top three vote totals in the race were for Democrats Deborah Low, who currently serves as the head of the BOE, Pam Ely and Nicola Davies. The trio earned 2,930, 2,872 and 2,708 votes respectively.

“We are particularly pleased with the Board of Education results. After decades and decades, this is the first time that Wilton Democrats have won an outright election majority on a major board in town,” Wilton Democratic Town Committee Chairman Tom Dubin said Wednesday. “Debbie Low, Pam Ely and Nicola Davies will work to ensure that every one of our students receives the highest quality education and that all are prepared to live and thrive in the 21st century.”

Republicans Jess Christ and Jared Martin will not be seated, initial results show, as they earned 2,438 and 2,409 votes each.

Another Republican, Chris Gardner, will be seated on the Board of Assessment Appeals after earning 258 more votes than Democrat Bob Wallace.

The Zoning Board of Appeals will again split parties between the two seats with Democrat Jaclyn Coleman, who earned 2,671 votes, and Republican Justin Anderson with 2,656 votes.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will seat all candidates that ran for the five open positions — Eric Fanwick, Christopher Pagliaro, Jill Warren, Ken Hoffman and Chris Wilson.