Two more turf fields proposed for town

A rainy spring season caused many youth sports games to be canceled and has resulted in a call by the Parks and Recreation Commission for two more turf fields in town.
Turf fields are impervious to rain, and would also come with night lighting, extending the hours of play in the day, said Pete Connolly, chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission. He spoke about the issue to the Board of Selectmen during its meeting at town hall June 19.
Connolly said the recommendation from the two recreation subcommittees, field usage and field location, is to build one of the new turf fields at North Field, off Route 7 near Wilton High School, and the second one on either field five or field six at Allen’s Meadow.
Both spots are owned by the town.
The youth sports organizations have agreed to raise money for the construction, Connolly said, indicating there would be no cost to the taxpayers.
“In summary, there are insufficient fields for training and games in soccer and field hockey,” Connolly said. “There’s a problem with rainouts because there are lot of grass fields and not enough turf fields.”
The next step will be to ask the Inland Wetlands Commission for permission to build the fields, said First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice. Both locations may have wetlands issues.
Vanderslice said public works and planning officials have already examined the proposed field sites.
“We don’t want to go down that road and have them say absolutely no,” Vanderslice said of Inland Wetlands.
There are two turf fields at the high school. Wilton Youth Football applied for and received permission to build a turf field at Middlebrook, but has not yet done so.