Two Wilton restaurants fail inspections

WILTON — For the second quarter of fiscal year 2019-20, two Wilton eateries failed initial inspections by the health department, but passed on re-inspection.

Restaurants and eateries in Wilton are inspected every three months to ensure the health and safety of the food. Inspections follow the state’s fiscal year, which starts on July 1.

The two food establishments failing in the second quarter were Toozy Patza Pizza at 991 Danbury Road, and Uncle Leo’s at 17 Danbury Road.

Toozy Patza Pizza received a score of 75 out of a possible 100 on its health inspection report on Oct. 4.

The pizza shop failed due to improper cooling of marinara sauce, a four-point violation and for having a hand washing station that was not convenient to use, another four-point violation.

There were also a number of two-point and one-point violations.

Two-point violations: No thermometer inside walk-in cooler; No hand washing at the appropriate time; No sanitizers available at pizza station; Food contact service not clean; One insect present inside a cold holding unit.

One-point violations: No soap at hand washing station; Food containers not propertly labeled, Food worker had no hair restraints, Cold holding unit in disrepair; No test strips for sanitizer, Broken gasket on cooling unit; Reach-in unit fan was not clean.

Toozy Patza Pizza was re-inspected on Oct. 21, and passed with a score of 93.

Uncle Leo’s received a score of 77 out of a possible 100 on its health inspection report on Dec. 11.

The doughnut shop failed due to a blocked hand washing station, a four-point violation, and for food spoilage —green peppers, another four-point violation.

In addition, there was one three-point violation for not having a qualified food operator on site.

There were two-point violations for: No thermometer available inside a refrigerator; Raw meat stored next to ready to eat food, and food containers stored on the floor; A scoop buried in an ice cooler; Food handler not washing hands at appropriate time; Interior of microwave oven not clean; Foods not properly thawed.

One-point violations: Wiping cloth not properly stored; Non-food contact service not clean; Waste receptacle not available inside a bathroom.

Uncle Leo’s was re-inspected on Dec. 26, and passed with a score of 88.

In Connecticut, kitchens must receive 80 points or more on their inspection to pass. A failed inspection means a food-service provider will be inspected again within about two weeks. If restaurants fail again, the owners are usually fined and required to appear before the local health inspection division, where they discuss each infraction and establish a plan to address the issues. A third violation means the business is subject to closure, at the discretion of the director of health.

A restaurant can fail its inspection if it receives a four-point deduction for a single violation. Four-point violations include improper source of food, hazardous food temperatures, unwrapped food, improperly stored toxic items, improper hand-washing facilities, unsafe water source, improper sewage disposal, unacceptable plumbing, and inadequate toilet facilities.