Trump scarecrow vandalized

Within 10 days of being hung up on River Road, the Republican Town Committee’s Donald Trump scarecrow became the victim of what appears to be vandalism.

The Bulletin was notified of the defaced scarecrow, which is now missing its nose and “Make America Great Again” hat, on Monday, Oct. 24.

The scarecrow was one of the more than 25 scarecrows the Wilton Chamber of Commerce hung in Wilton Center for this year’s Scarecrow Fest.

“We don't have a policy about protecting the scarecrows,” said Chamber Executive Director Debra Hansen, “but it’s really unfortunate because they were put up in the spirit of Halloween, community and town camaraderie.”

RTC Chair Al Alper told The Bulletin he’s “not sure” who vandalized the scarecrow, but suspects it was someone aligned with the Democratic Party.

“It saddens me that nothing — even a harmless town tradition — is sacred to the opposition in their zealous pursuit to win at any cost,” he said.

“The party of supposed tolerance has shown, yet again, how intolerant they are.”

While saddened, Alper said, he is not at all surprised.

“Their own candidate, Hillary Clinton, said [they] have one face in public and one face in private,” he said.

“The destruction of private property presents their public face and to me, actions speak much louder than words.”

DTC response

Democratic Town Committee Chair Deborah McFadden told The Bulletin she was unaware there was a Trump scarecrow in town — “let alone that it had been vandalized.”

After Trump lawn signs were stolen in town, McFadden said, she asked “all citizen of Wilton to leave Trump lawn signs alone.”

“I hereby expand this pronouncement to include all items referring to Trump, including scarecrows,” she said.

“Feelings run high during elections — presidential in particular,” said McFadden, whose Hillary Clinton and Jim Himes lawn signs were both recently taken.

McFadden said she hopes Wilton residents can “remain civil, respect the opposition and their campaign materials.

“The purpose of all these temporary displays of scarecrows and lawn signs is to elevate the candidate brand, persuade and to remind us to vote on Election Day,” she said.

“I look forward to Election Day, when we can vote on the best people to lead us into the future and shift the dialog from vandalized scarecrows to solving real issues.”

Trump and the other scarecrows will be on display through Monday, Oct. 31.