'True colors' party at Trackside

On Friday, May 31, there were clear skies in Wilton, unless you happened to be at Trackside.

Thick clouds were hanging low over the teen center as the sun set — and it made for a great party. These weren’t ordinary clouds, however. They were created by throwing mixtures of non-toxic paint powder and cornstarch into the air, where it stuck to the white T-shirts of middle schoolers running through them.

Then, with their clothes tie-dyed from the paint clouds, they headed inside where the paint glowed under an array of black lights. Dance music was blasting courtesy of a live DJ while glow sticks were thrown into the crowd for even more neon color. Even some oldies were played when one middle schooler requested “Take on Me” by A-Ha.

After hours of dancing, everyone went home covered in paint powder for a much needed shower.