Tree warden, committee deny request to remove oak tree

Wilton Tree Warden Paul Young and the Wilton Tree Committee have denied the Wilton Garden Club’s request to remove an oak tree on the Comstock Community Center property at 180 School Road.

The Garden Club sent a letter to the Tree Committee in October, expressing concern about the tree’s proximity to the community center’s greenhouse, where the club holds workshops.

In a letter to the tree warden, the Tree Committee acknowledged the club's concern, but stated that it could not endorse the removal of "an otherwise healthy, well-structured tree that does not appear to pose any physical threat or damage to the greenhouse beyond shading."

After the committee consulted with Young, the decision was final.

“We have agreed that the tree will stay, and we consider that a victory for the environmental people,” Young told The Bulletin.

According to the committee’s letter, the greenhouse was constructed after the tree was planted and “it was not anticipated that the tree canopy would, in good time, come to its current configuration and appear to be in conflict with the greenhouse.”

Not only does the tree provide “many functions and benefits to the streetscape,” the committee wrote, but to the community as well.

In its letter to Young, the Tree Committee did, however, endorse the removal of a sugar maple tree on the property that is "in poor health" and shows signs of "stress and insect infestation." The removal of the sugar maple, it wrote, "may reduce shading on the greenhouse.”

Young told The Bulletin that the unhealthy sugar maple will be “dealt with this year.”