Ambler Farm on Hurlbutt Street in Wilton will teach the science and history of maple syruping in two training sessions on Saturday, Feb. 3. There is one at 10 a.m. and one at 1 p.m.; only one session is required.

Participants will choose a tree and hang a bucket that will collect sap. Ambler Farm will send regular updates on the running of the sap so participants may visit the farm  to collect sap from their tree. The sap will be boiled in the sugar shack and each family will go home with their very own bottle of Ambler Farm maple syrup.

The season runs from early February to mid-March. Ambler Farm will collect sap for participants who are traveling during February or March.

Enrollment limited to 110 families. The cost is $65 per non-member family and $60 per member family. Register at