Town website gets makeover

The town’s website,, is looking a little different these days. Hyperlinks on the home page have been grouped together by subject matter within sidebars, a theme has been introduced, and the current week’s public meeting schedule is now displayed.
It was First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice who envisioned these changes, and by working with Information Systems Director John Savarese to make them, she delivered on one of her campaign promises — a pledge for greater government transparency through website improvements.
“As a Board of Finance member, residents would often ask me where something was located on the website,” Vanderslice told The Bulletin. “Often, the link they were looking for was right on the home page, but because the page was cluttered and wasn’t intuitive, they couldn’t find the link until I pointed it out,” she said.
“I personally had the same issues, so I was anxious to make some changes.”
A few weeks ago, Vanderslice put her ideas down on paper and Savarese got to work. “He was very enthusiastic, as he also recognized the site needed to be improved,” Vanderslice said.
“John worked pretty late that night, but by the next morning he had already accomplished a significant amount. Another late night and we were ready to launch the new page.”
It launched, but afterward it occurred to Vanderslice that the page would be even better if Savarese were to pin a feature photo underneath the website header. They selected photos of birds.
The “Birds of Wilton” theme will color the town website for “a few more weeks,” Vanderslice said, “and we’d love to have residents send photos.” Photos may be submitted to Submissions should include the photo, the location within Wilton where it was taken, and the type of bird pictured, if known.
“This week we have Susan Resch’s photo of a cardinal in snow taken on Middlebrook Farm Road,” Vanderslice said.
The home page is done; the rest of the site map is to follow. “We started with the home page and are working our way through the rest of the pages as we have time,” Vanderslice said.