Town recognizes childhood cancer threat

Joining forces with Circle of Care, a Wilton-based nonprofit that assists families of children with cancer, the Board of Selectmen declared Monday, Sept. 10, as Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.

Monday morning First Selectman Bill Brennan stood on the steps of town hall and read a proclamation to that effect. Joining him were Wilton residents Liz Salguero and Dawn Ladenheim, the founders of Circle of Care, and State Sen. Toni Boucher.

The resolution is aimed at supporting children suffering from cancer in area communities.

Noting the massive amounts of publicity often needed to spur medical research Mr. Brennan said, "Sometimes one person can get this going. I really salute Dawn and Liz for their work."

Ms. Salguero commented on how isolated parents of children diagnosed with cancer can feel.

"When it happens to you, you know someone in a similar situation," she said of adults with cancer. "When it happens to a child, you don't know anyone whose child has cancer.

"Adult cancers have all kinds of support groups," which is not true for children or parents. The Circle of Care offers that support.

"We've been there," Ms. Ladenheim said.