Town pulls social club's liquor license after fatal shooting

WARREN, R.I. (AP) — In a unanimous vote, the Warren town council decided to revoke the liquor license of a social club after its president fatally shot another member, wounded a man and then killed himself earlier this month.

The council voted 5-0 on Tuesday evening after hearing testimony from police, the son of one of the victims and others, the Providence Journal reported.

The Italian American Club’s president Michael Oullette, 37, shot Brian Remy to death and wounded Jason Furtado on the afternoon of Sept. 2 before killing himself.

“The message that would be sent if we did anything less than this is simply unacceptable,” said Keri M. Cronin, the council’s president.

Remy, 66, was a member of the club and served as the assistant fire chief in Warren for 30 years. Warren police officers testified that video shows Oullette had consumed at least two beers that day but did not reveal additional information about a potential motive for the shootings.

An attorney for the club said he would appeal the action to the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation and would seek an immediate stay to allow the club to stay open.