Town of Wilton saw five lawsuits in the past 12 months

Though a notice of claim filed by Christopher and Marissa Lowthert against the town and a number of its residents and employees has received much notice of late, it is certainly not the only legal action that has been taken against the municipality in recent months.

In fact, in the past 12 months the town of Wilton has been named a defendant in at least five lawsuits.

In some of these cases, which range from complaints over the valuation of property to a slip-and-fall accident that occurred in a school kitchen, the town is the principal defendant. In others, it is one of a number of parties alleged to hold responsibility over a claim.

Records kept by Town Clerk Bettye Ragognetti in town hall clearly show each lawsuit’s basic characteristics, which have been briefly explained below.

The majority of the cases are ongoing.

Wilson Properties v. Town of Wilton — In this lawsuit, filed May 23, 2014, the owner of Wilson Properties alleges the town “improperly determined the true and actual value” of 53 Danbury Road, and has consequently “overvalued and overassessed” that property.

Nina Abdurhmanova v. Town of Wilton et. al. — A lawsuit filed in April 2014 by Ms. Abdurhmanova’s attorney says she was near the side of Forge Road North in Wilton in 2012, when a truck driven by a Crown and Bower LLC employee struck “a low-hanging utility wire.” Ms. Abdurhmanova says those wires were broken by the truck before striking and electrocuting her.

She alleges a portion of the responsibility for the accident is held by the town of Wilton because it “knew or should have known the defect of the low hanging utility wires.”

William Patty et al v. Town of Wilton, Wilton Parks & Recreation Commission — This lawsuit, filed Dec. 13, 2013, alleges the Zoning Board of Appeals acted “illegally, arbitrarily, and in abuse of the discretion vested in it” when it approved a hardship variance related to lighting at the Middlebrook School Field.

Heidi Haick v. Town of Wilton — In this lawsuit, filed Nov. 13, 2013, Ms. Haick claims that in November 2011 she was working as a contracted food service employee at Wilton High School when she slipped and fell on a pool of standing water in the school’s kitchen.

This fall, the suit alleges, caused serious injury to her right foot and ankle, her spine, and her left knee.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff had brought the standing water to the attention of janitorial staff on “at least two prior occasions.”

Bruce Reznick et al v. Town of Wilton — This suit filed by neighbors last July aimed to reverse the Planning & Zoning Commission’s approval of a permit regarding a subdivision of property in the Wilton Acres Neighborhood owned by Margaret DeRose.

The suit would prevent Ms. DeRose from acting on the permit, which would allow her to subdivide her property at 5 Wilton Acres into two, one-acre residential lots. The status of this lawsuit was not available on the state website.