Town budget is at 66.58% completion

The town’s budget for the current fiscal year is at 66.58% completion, according to Chief Financial Officer Sandy Dennies’ Feb. 28 status report, which she presented to the Board of Finance during its March 17 meeting.


The town has collected 66.58% of the $117,219,318 in revenues budgeted for this year, with collection percentages in the following areas:

  • Taxes: 99.21%

  • Education intergovernmental: 103.25%

  • Town intergovernmental: 97.62%

  • Licenses, permits and fees: 66.15%

  • Other revenues: 83.96%

“The breakdown shows that current taxes have been collected at a 99.17% rate, with motor vehicle supplemental tax collections [at] 130.24% and back taxes [at] 77.86%,” according to Ms. Dennies’ report. “Interest and lien fees also reflect an 87.47% collection.”
With regard to back taxes, she said, $107,520 in deferral repayments have been made.
“The town was about to foreclose on two properties where outstanding balances were from the 2006 grand list forward,” said Ms. Dennies.
“One property has been paid off in the amount of $149,900 plus attorney’s fees and amounts deferred since 1995. The bank is foreclosing on the second property, with taxes due in the amount of $154,118.74. It is scheduled for public auction in April 2015.”


At the end of February, expenditures totaled 67.89% for the overall budget.
According to the report, $8,613,035.73 has been paid in debt service and the Board of Education has expended 94.62% of its budget to date.
Under the Board of Selectmen operating budget — 70.32% of which has been expended — snow has pushed the highway budget to the 77.5% expended mark, said Ms. Dennies, adding that “the Nursing and Home Care (Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Fairfield County), Trackside and library budgets all reflect encumbrances of the amount due this fiscal year.”
At a 61.59% expenditure rate, the Board of Selectmen capital budget reflects little change since the previous month.