Tourney in Africa in honor of Kick for Nick

Adjutant Tom Moore of the James B. Whipple American Legion Post 86 last Saturday passed along the news that the post’s website contains a new link to a video of a soccer tournament in the Horn of Africa honoring Nick Madaras, the Marine from Wilton killed in Iraq in 2006.

The post’s news webpage at also has a link to a video from NBCs Nightly News about Kick for Nick.

The soccer tournament video is on the Facebook page of the Combined Joint Task Force — Horn of Africa. The tournament was held in the Republic of Djibouti (a small country bordered by Eritrea to the north and Ethiopia to the south and west) in support of the #KickforNick Foundation. Players on 11 teams from six countries took part. Not only can you check out the video and story of the great event, there are many photos. Six new ones were added on Monday.

Go to Post 86’s website or (and look for Kick for Nick scores a goooooaaaaaa!!!!!!!)

The Combined Joint Task Force — Horn of Africa has a mission that sounds strategically important and dangerous: “Through unified action with U.S. and international partners in East Africa, CJTF-HOA conducts security force assistance, executes military engagement, provides force protection, and provides military support to regional counter-violent extremist organization operations in order to support aligned regional efforts, ensure regional access and freedom of movement, and protect U.S. interests.”

Legion Post officers conducted a wreath laying ceremony at the Wilton Veterans Memorial on Saturday morning.