Top salaries for Wilton school and town employees

Superintendent of Schools Kevin Smith talks about his budget proposal to the Board of Education on Jan. 16.

Superintendent of Schools Kevin Smith talks about his budget proposal to the Board of Education on Jan. 16.

Jarret Liotta / Hearst Connecticut Media

WILTON — Salaries are the main driver of the education and town budgets, which the Board of Finance intends to settle on at its May 12 meeting.

Leading education salaries, Schools Superintendent Kevin Smith was the top earner of Wilton Public Schools in 2019, with a salary of $260,580.

Anne Kelly-Lenz, chief financial officer for the town and Board of Education was the highest paid town employee at $183,648.

The following administrators make up the top 10 list of highest-paid salaries in the Wilton school district:

1.Kevin Smith, Superintendent, $260,580.

2. Charles Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, $207,291.

3. Andrea Leonardi, Assistant Superintendent for Special Services, $198,386.

4. Robert O’Donnell, Principal, Wilton High School, $194,443.

5. Maria Coleman, Human Resources Director, $188,968.

6. Lauren Feltz, Principal, Middlebrook School, $181,521.

7. Jennifer Falcone, Principal, Cider Mill School, $177,186.

8. Kathryn Coon, Principal, Miller-Driscoll School, $177,186.

9. Donald Schels, Associate Principal, Wilton High School, $169,508.

10. Frances Kompar, Director of Digital Learning, $169,508.

Salaries for other top school administrators and supervisors:

11. Technology director: $169,058.

12. Assistant High School Principal: $163,639.

13. Assistant Director of Special Services: $162,557.

14. Athletic Director: $160,389.

15. Preschool director: $157,137.

16. Middle School Dean (12-month contract): $156,596.

17. Assistant Elementary School Principal: $146,843.

18. Middle School Dean (10-month contract): $140,881.

The negotiated salary contract for teachers for 2019-2020 provides for a range of $48,105 for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree at Step 2, which is the first step on the salary scale to $123,348 for a teacher with a doctoral degree at the highest step, which is Step. 15.

Top town salaries

Besides Anne Kelly-Lenz, Christopher Burney also fills a dual role as director of public works, facilities, and energy management for the town and director of facilities for the school district.

Of the top 20 town earners, 18 are members of the Wilton Police Department.

“During calendar year 2019, the police department had up to five vacant officer positions at any one time. Police earnings, therefore, reflect the overtime required to cover for those vacant positions,” said First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, whose salary of approximately $136,108 did not break into the top 20.

Police earnings also include payment for extra-duty assignments. Extra-duty costs are reimbursed by the company, organization, or individual requesting the extra-duty.

Calendar year 2019 saw a particularly high level of extra-duty work, Vanderslice said, in part due to extensive cable company installations.

Top 20 town salaries:

1. Anne Kelly-Lenz, Chief Financial Officer, Town and Board of Education, $183,648.

2. Kip Tarrant, Police Detective, $174,397.

3. Christopher Burney, Director, Public Works, Facilities, and Energy Management and Board of Education Director, Facilities, $165,566.

4. Frank Razzaia, Police Officer, $163,439.

5. Steven Rangel, Sergeant, $162,477.

6. Eric Patenaude, Police Officer, $158,818.

7. John Lynch, Chief of Police/Emergency Management Director, $158,788.

8. Paul Lichtenberger, Police Officer, $154,919.

8. Anthony Cocco, Sergeant, $154,903.

10. Timothy Fridinger, Sergeant, $154,673.

11. Mark Canepari, Police Officer, $151,710.

12. Thomas Conlan, Captain/Executive Officer, $150,670.

13. Anna Tornello, Sergeant, $149,814.

14. Shawn Frendt, Police Officer, $147,437.

15. Jonathan Patry, Police Officer, $146,966.

16, Arnault Baker, Sergeant, $146,957.

17. Robert Cipolla, Captain, 145,328.

18. Jeton Ejupi, Police Officer, $145,307.

19. Gregg Phillipson, Lieutenant, $138,282.

20. Robert Nosal, Police Officer, $136,536.