Toll Brothers development work begins at River Road site

Less than three months after acquiring the property, Toll Brothers has broken ground on the model home that will anchor the new development called River Ridge at Wilton. Motorists driving by may see workers building the subdivision’s entry monument at the entrance on River Road.

According to Greg Kamedulski of Wilton, division president for Toll Brothers in New England, the company expects to have the model completed in June.

“At that time we will be opening for sale,” he said, adding there are more than 400 names on an “interest list.”

Overseeing the day-to-day construction, which can involve anywhere from 15 to 50 workers on a given day, is Carmelo Longo, assistant project manager.

With the model completely framed, he said, the next round of work will involve installing windows and siding. Work on the underground drainage is also under way.

Toll Brothers closed on the 10-acre site Dec. 26, 2012. It purchased the site for $4.6 million from Greyrock Co., which ceased work on the project in July 2008. At that point a number of foundations had already been installed and cement retaining walls put in.

Mr. Longo said Toll Brothers removed the existing foundations because they did not suit the company’s design plans. The company is completing the stone facing that was begun on the retaining walls.

The model home, which will also function as the sales center, will have a Colonial-style design. “It will fit in architecturally with Wilton,” Mr. Kamedulski said.

There will be four models to choose from, averaging 2,600 to 3,200 square feet, he said. They will all have three bedrooms, two-car garages and finished basements. Some models have master bedrooms on the first floor. One design has the master bedroom on the second floor with an option for an elevator. While all units will be framed on-site, the wall panels will be pre-built in the Toll Integrated Systems factory in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Longo said it typically takes seven months from contract to construction to closing. “Our first anticipated closing is January 2014,” he said.

The development has been designed as a community of 20 luxury homes that will have a homeowners’ association to take control of exterior maintenance, including snowplowing, yard work, landscaping, and lawn care. Accordingly, the homes will not be on typical lots and they will be sited 25 to 40 feet from one another.

There will be no clubhouse, pool, community center, or playground, but the development borders Bradley Park, and residents will have access to the park’s trails.

Self-contained site

At the site, Toll Brothers is processing all its materials. A huge machine called a mobile crusher plant takes in boulders and crushes them to a variety of sizes, from small stones to processed gravel to sand.

“To have on-site materials is a cost savings,” Mr. Longo said. By not having trucks deliver materials and haul materials away, it limits the impact on traffic, the environment and the neighbors, he said.

Workers are also taking care to preserve an old oak tree at the entrance to the development.

“That tree’s been growing for more than 100 years,” Mr. Longo said. “We don’t want to lose that.”

Because the site is so rocky — it is built into a ridge — blasting is required, and that will begin in a few weeks, Mr. Longo said. The blasting company has already been in touch with neighbors, he said, and all blasting “will be very controlled,”  with minimal impact expected beyond the site.