Thirty seven home sales in Wilton, six over $1 million

Wilton real estate finishes January and February 2021 with 37 home sales.

Wilton real estate finishes January and February 2021 with 37 home sales.

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80 Spectacle Lane: Jeffrey B. and Lynda J. Carroll to Juan Wen, $675,000

126 Scribner Hill Road: Chole LLC, to Mary Hauser & Joseph Rava, $599,000

41 Quail Ridge Road: Mark and Katherine A. Schlageter to Ezequiel Chavez Resendiz and Julie Corbett, $875,000

29 Spoonwood Road: Jonathan T. and Alice B. Woods to Ivelina Buyuklieva & C. Krishnasamy, $705,000

15 Cannon Road: ABC of Wilton Inc. to Cannon House LLC, $700,000

29 Olmstead Hill Road: Gordon and Colleen N. Rapkin to Kevin M. and Colleen N. Schirf, $1,325,000

21 Laurel Lane: Paul and Susan J. Lauricella to Ehson Shafie, $705,000

120 Washington Post Drive: Robert J. Farnen and Margaret E. Heinze to Dragos and Magdalena Pariza, $860,000

146 Cedar Road: Rachel K. Mitchell to John and Kristen Leone, $865,000

71 Ryders Lane: William and Jacqueline Bishop to 71 Ryders Lane LLC, $1,250,000

111 Hulda Hill Road: Linda C. Fagan to Kane Olsen and Ana Maria Camacho, $555,000

2 Old Lantern Drive: Christian and Mary Obrien to Tyler M. Fishback and Brittany Gornick, $925,000

5 Mather Street: Marcelino Castillo Estate to Varc Investments LLC, $201,000

51 Fawn Ridge Lane: Rajinder Lehal to Vikram Kapur, $370,000

4 Danbury Road and Heathcote Road: Wells Fargo Bank NA to DWG Properties, $747,773

31 Powder Horn Hill Road: Vincent A. and Debrah L. Erardi to Steve Vellegas, $649,000

264 Grumman Hill Road: Margaret and Joshua Harvey, $1,060,000

216 Belden Hill Road: Michael P. and Sarah E. Hund to Beau Whitten Snarr and Erin OConnor, $705,000

36 Quail Ridge Road: Kevin and Robynne Quinn to Shawn and Katelin Flemming, $748,000

30 Wilton Crest: Fran Wasserman Estate to Rui Cheng and Ye Huang, $419,000

63 Range Road: Michael and Victoria M. Cosentino to Kimberly Pulczinski, $790,000

195 New Canaan Road: 21st Mortgage Corp. to Kristen Sigurdsson, $436,000

362 Newtown Turnpike: Edward Y. Fung and Stephanie F. Lee to Conor H. and Colleen M. Cassin, $870,000

299 Westport Road: John David Young to Raymond F. Pendagast and Stephanie F. Cano, $430,000

20 Fairview Avenue: John T. and Eileen O. Curry to Judith Kang and Tommy Mei, $675,000

367 Chestnut Hill Road: Russell J. Handelman to Raymond Scott, $200,000

38 Timber Top Trail: John and Nadia Wajda to Ava Turner, $720,000

103 Wild Duck Road: Denise and Terence Cooney to Laura A. Petrucelli and Edward J. Koskey, $1,045,000

94 Turtlehead Road: Paul and Madeline Houska to Eric and Cheryl Gardner, $936,430

35 Woods End Drive: Robert J. and Nancy B. Milnamow to Loon Island LLC, $1,149,000

63 Turtleback Road: Ronald Hitter Trustee, to Joanne Hasko, $535,000

504 Beldin Hill Road: Wayne and Lisa G. Baird to John and Brittney J. Kowalski, $875,000

271 Rivergate Drive: Michaela and Jeanine T. Freliech to 271 Rivergate Holdings LLC, $1,030,000

20 Village Court: Ritesh and Milda Tanna to Yubo Lu, $615,000

120 Cherry Lane: Kory and Kristen Schestag to Henry and Tiffany Baker, $900,000

99 Seeley Road: Peter Keiser and Florence K. Romanov to Seeley Farm LLC, $255,000

99 Seeley Road: Frances Juliane Keiser, Trustee, and Richard E. Castiglioni, Trustee, to Seeley Farm LLC, $85,000