Thanks from a grateful shopper

The Bulletin received a note from a shopper at the recent Wilton Library book sale. Wishing to remain anonymous, she nonetheless wanted to offer her thanks to a good Samaritan.
“I started to select some books and was carrying them around in my arms. I have to walk using a cane so this was a little more difficult for me to do,” she wrote.
“A gentleman approached me with a bag for me to put my books in. He was also there shopping for books and saw me.
“I thanked him quickly but I wanted to thank him again for his kindness. I looked around before I left, but I did not see him.
“At a time when our society seems to be experiencing so much anger and negative feelings, such kindness shown to another person warms my heart and is so welcoming.
“I read this saying one day and how true it is: How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it.”