Nine Wilton houses sell — two top $1 million

The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from July 26 through Aug. 1.

376 Belden Hill Road: Susan Weber, Trustee and Jennifer Morgan Trustee, et al,. to Jayakrishnan Chitrarasu, $460,000. (Trustee Deed)

82 Glen Hill Road: Vanessa and Martin J. Bates to John J. and Lydia E. Tucci, $730,000.

104 Old Highway: Sterling National Bank to Rodrigo D. and Jenne S. Hermel, $525,000.

12 Ridge Lane: Jorge and Lois Amador to Dheeraj Chugh and Gauri Chaudhari, $560,000.

37 Turtleback Road: PAR Turtleback, LLC to David Mangini, $625,000.

14 Silver Spring Road: Jordan A. and Elizabeth Ambargis to Evan Myles Ray and Brittany Leigh Duhamel, $805,000.

10 Wicks End Lane: David E. Lauber and Kathleen A. Oshea-Lauber to Christopher and Maria P. Michelsen, $1,200,000.

53 Coley Road: Emilia and James Hodel to Shawn and Stacey Killeen, $1,375,000.

24 Village Walk: Annette Delissio to Robert C. McWilliams, $269,000.