10 Wilton homes sold — one for $1.9 million

The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from Sept. 20 through Oct. 3.

84 Warncke Road: Bank of New York Mellon to Broomfield Maritime LLC, $567,000.

155 Dudley Road: Daniel J. Mack and Sarah S. Rhee to Thomas O’Conor Fenton and Cara Schneider, $825,000.

230 Nod Hill Road: James E. Lillie and Lisa M. Sheffield to Alexander and Dale W. Troy, $1,935,000.

48 Range Road: William David and Jacqueline M. Hughes to John M. Papp and Vanessa Polvere, $546,250.

81 Boulder Brook Road: Philip F. Olkoski, to Philip J. and Jessica H. Olkoski, $750,000.

101 Indian Hill Road: Robert S. and Jodi R. Kendall to Anoul Govil and Krishndas Bhat, $669,000.

17 Roxbury Lane: Marianne Lowell to Claudia A. Lobosco, $756,000.

5 Fawn Ridge Lane: Gerald J. and Donna R. Florio to Naimjon and Mukarramkhon Masaidova, $375,414.50.

94 Old Driftway: Julie P. Christison, Trustee, to Lajoc Csery and Elizabeth S. Wampetich, $569,425. (Trustee Deed)

112 Belden Hill Road: David J. Buffam to Andrew G. Watson Jr. and Jennifer A. Tinnelly, $1,265,000.

49 Branch Brook Road: Michael A. and Kristen Pierson to Brian and Shannon Olson, $948,000.