Sweet season

There’s no doubt New England is king when it comes to American maple syrup production and Connecticut is in the mix with big guns Vermont and Maine. Of the 13 states accounting for the country’s maple syrup production, Connecticut ranks 10th.

The states combined in 2017 to produce 4.27 million gallons, up 2% from the previous year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Sap ran from 13.3 million taps, up 6% over the previous year.

Connecticut’s 86,000 taps produced 20,000 gallons of syrup. The state increased both its taps and the number of gallons by 1,000 over the previous year. Leading production was Vermont, with 1,980,000 gallons produced from 5,410,000 taps, followed by Maine with 709 gallons from 1,890,000 taps.

Warmer than normal temperatures this year resulted in an earlier season. The earliest sap flow was reported Jan. 1 in Indiana, New York, Ohio, and Vermont. The latest sap flow began Feb. 12 in Minnesota. In Connecticut the season ran from Jan. 20 to April 25 for a total of 42 days, longer than the national average of 37.