‘Sunday Best’ uncovers secrets

Wilton author and real estate agent Ann Lineberger’s second novel will get an official kick-off with a launch party on Thursday, Nov. 29, at Norwalk Public Library. She will follow that up with a talk about the book, Sunday Best, on Friday, Dec. 14, from noon to 1:30, also at Norwalk Public Library, 1 Belden Avenue.

Sunday Best comes after Lineberger’s first novel, The Adjustments. Like that book, Sunday Best takes place in Connecticut with references to familiar places like Cannondale and Norwalk.

Billed as an “engaging comic mystery,” the book explores the lengths people will go to indulge their fantasies but also keep them secret. When the body of a character with lurid sexual proclivities is found mutilated, his brother enlists four employees to investigate by infiltrating a swingers’ group the victim favored.

According to a press release, “Sunday Best is an inventive and absorbing novel that offers a satirical glance into the world of sex clubs, alternative religions, and clairvoyants as a study of the selling of hope in contemporary America.”