Summer reunion

Over the years, a fair number of Wiltonians have migrated to Maine, some on a permanent basis, some just for the summer. Former members of the Wilton Presbyterian Church manage to get together for a ‘Maine reunion’ each year, and this summer it took place on Aug. 19 at Sebago Lake. This year four Texans attended as well. Of the event Betsy Riley said, ‘Many of us raised our kids together and are now sharing our grandchild stories. Thanks to you all for coming and sharing laughter/stories and hugs …’ In back are former pastor Rev. Stewart MacColl, who recently celebrated his 87th birthday, Malcolm Doak, Jane Field, Sophie Paddon, Vivian Doak, Betsy Riley, Gretchen Collins, Chip Mason, Judy Flock, Jorgen Heidemann, Mac MacGregor, Ed Collins, Sheryl Peterson, Jerry Peterson, Sonny Kern, and Don Flock. In front are Mary Lee Tyndall, Jane MacColl, Janet Johnson, Camilla Heidemann, Claudia Halsey, Carol Kern, Adele MacGregor, Beth Mason, Sam Halsey, and Gil Riley.