Stores lay in supplies, emergency workers get ready

If you're looking for bottled water, charcoal or firewood, the Village Market has it.

Store manager Nancy Dolnier said Friday, "We spent the morning filling the basement with water, loads of charcoal, loads of Duraflame, and split wood." Those are the items people look for most just before a storm, she said, referring to Hurricane Sandy, expected here by Tuesday.

The store wasn't seeing much storm traffic, but she was sure it would come.

"It's a little early in the day. We're not crazy busy but we're definitely seeing fuller carts," she said. "It's a little early for people to start panicking."

She said many people told her they purchased generators after last year's one-two punch of Irene and the Halloween snowstorm, so perhaps fewer people will be without power this time around.

Jack Majesky, spokesman for Wilton's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) said his members are getting ready as well for Sandy, which could collide with a snowstorm.

CERT has a three-day schedule of preparations it will implement beginning 72 hours before expected landfall (Tuesday afternoon).

Team members are moving blankets and cots to the Miller-Driscoll shelter, should that be needed, and checking their supplies such as barriers, signs and flares.

"Number one is telling all the CERTS to prepare their own homes," he said. "We want all our people to be prepared so if disaster hits they can come out and help the town."

He advised people to be prepared to be self-sufficient for two to three days at least.

"The CERT team is going to be out there and prepared to help."