Stephanie Thomas issues thanks to voters

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas

Ilir Bajraktari / Stephanie Thomas

WILTON — Stephanie Thomas, who will be the next state representative of the 143rd House district issued a statement of thanks to voters.

“Thank you for exercising your right to vote, especially during these trying and unprecedented times,” she said. “Thank you for participating in the process, caring about our community, and showing up to make sure your voice is heard. Thank you for choosing a focus on policy over partisan politics that threaten to tear us apart. Know that I will carry all of your energy, and every concern and hope you’ve shared with me to Hartford. Because of you, I know that the future of Connecticut is bright.”

Thomas will be the first person of color and first Norwalk resident to hold the position since redistricting in 1973, according to her office. She was elected with 55.5percent of the vote.

“Having narrowly missed the opportunity to represent this district in 2018, it was apparent to me that we were ready for change and we’ve proved that in 2020,” she said. “Even though the campaign is over, our work is just beginning. Connecticut is still in the midst of a global pandemic, an economic crisis, a struggle for justice and equality, and our newly elected state government needs to hit the ground running. I am ready to tackle the challenges facing our state today, and I will not stop when new challenges arise.

“During this campaign and my previous one in 2018, I met and talked with many of you, people of all stripes and all ideological bents. I knocked on all sorts of doors and you graciously opened them to me; in Hartford, my door will always be open to all of my constituents. Thank you for electing me. With the energy and commitment I see in our neighbors, I have hope for the future and for a better Connecticut for generations to come.”

In the three towns that comprise the 143rd district, Thomas won approximately 57 percent of the vote in Norwalk, 53 percent in Wilton, and 61 percent in Westport.