State debuts snow tow plows

Travelers along I-95 in snowy weather may catch sight of the state’s new “tow plows.”
The Department of Transportation recently received two of the plows, which swing out from the rear of a traditional plow truck, allowing for the clearing of two lanes at the same time.
Drivers are urged to stay clear of the snowplows while on the road. The safest advice is for motorists to give the plows plenty of space, to not attempt to pass them, and to keep in mind that the road behind the snow plows is in better condition than the road ahead.
The DOT tested one of the tow plows under a pilot program last winter. In addition to improving operational efficiencies, they have safety benefits, such as rear- and side-mounted cameras, lights that both illuminate the plow area and provide a warning to nearby motorists, and a mounted laser to guide the position of the tow plow when fully extended in relation to roadside obstacles and other vehicles.
The DOT clears snow from more than 10,800 highway miles, commuter parking lots, the CTfastrak guideway, and other state facilities with 634 plow trucks stationed at about 50 garages around the state.