Stadium advertising policies approved

The Board of Selectmen Sept. 11 approved guidelines for selling advertising at Wilton High School’s football stadium that include the exclusion of political content.
The long-term policies were approved for use by Town Counsel Ira Bloom, who examined them and determined they were lawful, said Selectman David Clune, who is leading the drive to sell ads at the Memorial Stadium and Lilly Field.
“There’s quite a bit of legwork in the background. In April we’ll start lining up people for the following year,” Clune told the selectmen. He was hopeful about getting big corporations to sign multiple-year advertising agreements.
After a year of study and preparation, the Board of Selectmen is prepared to raise money from selling ads, including printed banners visible to the home and guest bleachers, which could help pay for maintenance of the new turf field installed last summer.
“If you get 20 companies participating, you’re looking at a considerable amount of money,” as much as $40,000 to $60,000, Clune said in his initial presentation to the selectmen a year ago.
Clune drew up a pilot policy for advertising and sponsorship as a guideline:
All advertising or corporate sponsorship must be from a legitimately established company or nonprofit organization.
Signs must conform to the requirements and restrictions for advertising in the local schools.
Clune will lead a group of three that will lead the advertising sales efforts at the stadium. “We are in the process of setting up a non-profit to manage the advertising process. It will be called the Wilton Athletic and Recreation Foundation,” he said Tuesday following the meeting.