Solarize Wilton homes number 32

The Solarize Wilton program ended on May 18 with a final tally of 32 homeowners signing contracts.

The 32 solar systems they bought will yield 346,800 kilowatt-hours of power each year, saving 25,198 gallons of oil and 211.2 tons of CO2 annually, Wilton’s Energy Commission said.

“The town of Wilton has been very helpful with the program,” Amaris Jattan of Ross Solar Group told The Bulletin. Ross Solar Group was the winner of the bid to be Solarize Wilton’s system vendor.

“We’ve done 13 of these programs in other places around the state,” Jattan said, “however, Wilton has been very hands-on with us, and they’ve helped us a lot.”

According to the Energy Commission, over 300 people attended Solarize Wilton education workshops.

These workshops were intended to spread the word. There were two at Wilton Library, two at the Riverbrook Regional YMCA, one hosted by the Wilton Rotary Club, and one at Wilton High School.

“We had 243 residents inquire,” Jattan said. “174 of them were qualified.” Of those 174, 32 closed on a new system.

Solarize Connecticut is a state-sponsored incentive program that encourages the adoption of solar power systems by making it more affordable for residents. It came to Wilton on Jan. 12, 2016, and became Solarize Wilton.

Thanks to Solarize Wilton’s large-scale but locally focused sphere of influence, Ross Solar Group was able for months to give Wilton residents better pricing on solar installations.

The program was made possible by the Solar Ambassador family, Wilton Energy Commission and Wilton Go Green, CT SmartPower non-profit, Ross Solar Group, and CT Green Bank.

Together, they more than doubled the number of Wilton homes that previously had solar power, bringing the count from 22 to 54.

Those residents are not only saving money now, they’re helping to save the planet, too.