Solar panel installation open to community

Wilton homeowners interested in what goes into installing solar panels on a single-family home are invited to a live solar installation Saturday, May 7, from 10 to 2, at the home of Richard Creeth, 250 Catalpa Road. The system will be installed by Ross Solar Group as part of the Solarize Wilton campaign.

The Bulletin caught up with Creeth, who is a member of the Board of Finance and the Wilton Energy Commission, at the Wilton Go Green Festival on May 1. Asked about this event he explained, “I’ve been thinking about doing solar for a while.”

He took advantage of the Solarize Wilton program believing “we’ve got a vendor we can rely on.” After signing up for an estimate, he learned his net out-of-pocket cost will be about $22,000, and he expects to save at least $2,000 a year on energy costs, more in the future should energy costs rise as he believes they inevitably will.

“That’s a 9% return,” he said, adding “it makes a lot of sense. I won’t feel as guilty turning on the AC this summer.

Creeth admits his home is probably ideal for solar panels since he has a south-facing roof with no shade. Because it is in the rear of the house, the installation will not affect the home’s curb appeal.

Members of Ross Solar Group will be at the site to answer questions about the installation and the Solarize Wilton program. Refreshments will be served.

Solarize Wilton is a state- and town-sponsored program, offering discounts and energy savings that come with installing solar. Solarize Wilton selected Ross Solar Group as its official solar installer, which offers significant discounts in exchange for outreach and education provided by the town

Jim Paradis of Solarize Wilton said Sunday the company has done “well over 100 estimates” and has sold 25 to 30 contracts, but he expects more to come. “It’s not uncommon to have a flurry at the end of program,” he added.

Wilton residents must sign a contract by May 18  to qualify for Solarize Wilton pricing.