Soccer field name causes confusion

Instead of a goal they found a toolshed.
Town recreation officials are working on a plan to change the name of Ambler Field, a soccer field adjacent to Ambler Farm, because people from out-of-town get confused about the two and wind up at the wrong location.
“The soccer field is called Ambler Field, and it creates confusion. They often go to Ambler Farm,” said First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice, who addressed the issue at a meeting of the Board of Selectmen on March 13.
“So the thought was to call it Hurlbutt Field, that might help minimize the confusion.”
The concern is that out of towners drive up to Ambler Farm on the weekend, when there are children’s activities scheduled, and there are “people racing to get to a soccer game,” Vanderslice said.
That danger is being addressed by the change to a new name for the field, which is yet to be determined, said Steve Pierce, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, who spoke about the issue later on the telephone.
A plan is also being worked on with the Planning and Zoning Department to give the soccer field its own new address, to reflect that a different driveway is used to get to the field than to Ambler Farm, Pierce said.
The field will then have its own new location on people’s GPS systems.
“We hope to get this done in time for spring,” Pierce said.
The Ambler Trust, which operates Ambler Farm, has expressed its support for the name change from a safety perspective.
It is not the only news about soccer fields in town that came out of the Board of Selectmen meeting. In other business, the selectmen approved a Parks and Recreation Commission idea to raise the cost for a field rental to out-of-towners by 10%, from $250 to $275.
The higher fee is just one of many the recreation department will charge in fiscal 2017-2018, as the town tries to absorb the shock of the state budget shortfall that is bleeding down to towns and cities in Connecticut.

Editor's note: Ambler Trust does not operate Ambler Farm.  Ambler Farm is owned by the town and is managed by the Friends of Ambler Farm. The Bulletin regrets the error.
Following is an explanation of the relationship by Robin Clune, Ambler Farm Executive Director.
The Ambler Farm property was purchased in 1999 to preserve open space and is owned by the Town of Wilton. The Friends of Ambler Farm, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, manages the property and offers a wide-range of educational programs, special events and activities for the benefit of the community. The Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust was created to provide scholarship funds to: 1) high school graduates who are, in the opinion of the Trustees, deserving and in need of financial assistance in obtaining a college education or specialized education of the kind furnished by technical schools; 2) as well as municipal, religious, charitable, benevolent or educational organizations or corporations as determined by the Trustees. The Ambler Trust does not operate the Friends of Ambler Farm or the Ambler Farm property.