Snow could cause problems with Tuesday morning commute

Snow could start to fall in Wilton after midnight Monday and could leave up to three inches by Tuesday night, according to various weather forecasts for southwestern Connecticut. While forecasters agree it will not be a big snow storm on Tuesday, they do not agree on just how much snow — and rain — that means.

The heaviest snow could fall during the Tuesday morning commute. Most forecasts are calling for about one inch of snow before it turns to rain by Tuesday afternoon but some say it could remain snow most of Tuesday.

The National Weather Service is predicting snow and rain Tuesday morning then all rain by the afternoon when highs could reach the upper 30s. The weather service says snow accumulation will total up to an inch in this area. The could be more snow Tuesday evening as the temperatures drop into the upper 20s.

Other forecasters, including, are predicting up to three inches just a few miles north of the coast and are warning that snow could last into the afternoon.