Six Wilton homes change hands

The following property transfers were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from Nov. 15 through Nov. 21, 2019.

157 Old Kings Highway: Jessica H. Goldman and Ryan P. Johnson to John P. and Maura Morash, $739,000.

72 Village Walk: Emile N. Boulard to Carolina Crespo, $258,000.

350 Thayer Pond Road: Charles C. and Betty W. Thomas to Jon and Cintia Valeria Cavallo, $900,000.

106 Glen Side: Cleveland C. Kern, Jr. and Carol R. Kern to Rhoda F. Roberts, $400,000.

8 Tall Trees Lane: Barry T. Betts to Jill E. Bakken, $105,000 (quitclaim seed).

8 Tall Trees Lane: Dale W. Betts to Jill E. Bakken, $105,000 (quitclaim deed).

125 Chicken Street: Ronald P. and Christine A. Brault to Michael and Heather N. Lindauer, $659,000.