Silent films featuring Charlie Chaplin will be shown at Cannon Grange

Film enthusiasts of all ages are invited to attend a night of classic silent movies with live piano accompaniment at the Cannon Grange on Saturday, March 29, at 7:30.

A double feature will include the 1928 Charlie Chaplin classic comedy The Circus and the 1922 film COPS starring Buster Keaton. Silent film historian and pianist John Mucci of Wilton will play an original live score accompaniment on the grange’s early 1900-vintage piano.

The Circus has Chaplin’s Little Tramp character being chased by the police when he runs into the open tent of a circus performing in town, and his antics are funnier than the real circus performers, meaning he is a big hit. When he is invited to join the circus, he falls in love with the ringmaster’s daughter, only to have fate take its course and change everyone’s life by the end of the film. The climax finds Chaplin performing a high-wire act with monkeys on his shoulders.

One of Buster Keaton’s early one-reel comedies, COPS is both funny and a nightmare of pursuit, as Keaton tries to become a businessman to impress his girlfriend. As he is bilked by shysters and even sabotaged by an anarchist, he suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of the law, and is pursued by a policeman,  then two, then four, then hundreds as they chase him through town.

Admission is $6 per person, or $10 for two, adults and students, which includes refreshments. Cannon Grange Hall is at 25 Cannon Road.

Information: Cannon Grange at 203-762-1900 or Mr. Mucci at 203-722-6751, or