There are undoubtedly innumerable beautiful scenes in Wilton, but 12 have been selected to grace the Wilton Garden Club’s calendar for 2014.

Forty-six photos were entered in the “Wilton Walks” photo contest, and all are on display at the Gilbert & Bennett Community Cultural Center on New Street in Georgetown through December. A panel of five judges selected the 12 winning photos.

The calendars will go on sale for $20 on Dec. 1 at the Gilbert & Bennett Cultural Community Center as well as at the Cannon Grange Agricultural Holiday Market on Saturday, Dec. 7; the Ambler Farm Holiday Greens Sale on Saturday, Dec. 7, and Sunday, Dec. 8; and at the Village Market on Dec. 17 and 19 from 10 to 2. All proceeds will go to the Wilton Garden Club greenhouse at the Comstock Community Center.

The winning photographers were announced at an opening reception for the photo exhibition on Nov. 7. They are Stephanie Smith, Byron Duncan, Judee Beardsley, Dory Traski, Vickey Marelle, Dean Keister, Tim Skewis, Tina Duncan, Erin Sweeney, Anne Hamar, Kristen Begor, and Liz Keister.

The month of January will be represented by Stephanie Smith’s snowy image, Wishing Well, Belden Hill. It is part of a photo collection Ms. Smith took a few years ago. A real estate agent, she said photography is her hobby and she especially likes to take pictures of New England scenes.

“I love barns and stone walls and fences and roads, and different times of the day,” she said. Although she takes photos in many places, she described Wilton as “wonderfully picturesque.”

This is the first photo contest she has entered, and she said photography always has an element of surprise. “Sometimes the picture you think is going to be great isn’t and the one you don’t know you have, when you see it on the [computer] screen, it has all the right colors.”

A trio of birds taken in July by Tim Skewis is, appropriately, the selection for July. It is of a bluebird and two goldfinches sitting on a bird feeder post in his Olmstead Hill Road back yard.

“I tend to feed the birds year-round and one morning saw the bluebird sitting there with the goldfinches,” he said. It’s a large piece of property that is mostly cleared, he said. “It’s been field grass for many decades and makes a nice habitat for bluebirds,” who eat insects, not seeds. “Either they like the company of the other birds or they were sitting there as a vantage point for the grass,” he said.

Mr. Skewis and his family moved to town four years ago, and he has found his own back yard to be good bird-watching territory. Last year he submitted a photo of a red-tailed hawk on a stone wall, but this was the first year he was selected.

Like Ms. Smith, he took his photo with a digital SLR.

A harvest of tomatoes inspired Tina Duncan one morning, and her photo, taken with a cell phone, is the August selection.

“I was out in my vegetable garden picking all the ripe tomatoes and peppers, and I just liked how they all looked piled in the basket,” she said. “The variety of colors, shapes and sizes of tomatoes with the yellow-green peppers appealed to me.”

A member of the garden club, she added, “It also reminds me how lucky we are to live where we have good soil, abundant rain and sun. There is nothing like a ripe, sun-warmed tomato straight off the vine!”

Anne Hamar’s submission is the quintessential autumn scene. Taken from her front yard on Linden Tree Road, it is a view of Kent Pond.

“I did this on my iPad and it was early in the morning on a gorgeous morning,” she said of the photo she took a year ago.

Ms. Hamar is also a member of the garden club but did not enter the contest last year. “This is the first time I’ve done anything like this,” she said. “I was surprised when I was picked, but I knew it was a gorgeous picture. If they wanted something for fall, this was the epitome of it.”

Ms. Hamar has lived in Wilton since 1962 and on Linden Tree since 1974, and although she likes to walk in the town parks, she said, “I have to admit my front yard is one of the prettiest places in town.”

This is the second year the Wilton Garden Club has sponsored a photo/calendar contest.

“The photo contest and calendar were so well received last year that we decided to do it again this year,” said Kristen Begor, co-chair of the club’s Conservation Committee, which organized the contest. “This contest is such a great excuse to get outside with your camera and capture your special spots or views and share them with others. It is a unique way to celebrate Wilton and our amazing outdoors.”