Sewer charges to rise

The cost of connecting to the town’s sewer system is going up in the new fiscal year, according to plans of the Wilton Water Pollution Control Authority.
The proposed connection fees for resident connections are rising from $75 to $150, and commercial connections are rising from $150 to $300.
The proposed charge per unit will be $214, according to the plan. It was not immediately available what the old charge per unit was.
A public hearing was held at town hall Aug. 9 on the changes, part of the WPCA’s annual budget.
“The connection fees were increased to reflect the current associated administrative costs,” said First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice.
Technically, the town’s sewer system is not overburdened. The system has a lot of 24-inch pipe and during peak flow it is not even a quarter-of-a-pipe full, said Thomas Thurkettle, the town’s public works director, during an interview in the spring.
The sewer system was built in 1974 at the insistence of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, and with help from federal funds. It runs about five miles north up Route 7, from the Norwalk border to Wilton High School.
The system supports the schools and hundreds of businesses along Route 7 and in the town center, Thurkettle said.
The sewage is treated by the Norwalk Wastewater Treatment Plant. Officials there did not respond to phone call requests for information about capacity and future expansion.