Sensible Wilton's petition drive resumes this weekend

Sensible Wilton will continue its petition drive this Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 15 and 16, from 1 to 3, at the Village Market on Old Ridgefield Road.

The grassroots community organization is seeking signatures from Wilton voters who want a revote of the $50-million bonding proposal to renovate the Miller-Driscoll School on Wolfpit Road.

It launched its petition drive at Wilton polling places on Election Day, Nov. 4.

Those in favor of a revote say Wilton voters were not accurately informed of the details of the renovation project. They also point out alleged election violations which are now being investigated by the State Elections Enforcement Commission, including the distribution of “Vote YES” fliers on school grounds.

“The only remedy for an unlawful vote is an honest revote,” Sensible Wilton president Alex Ruskewich said in a press release.

The group also disagrees with town officials’ stand that the town charter disallows their petition for a revote of a bonding proposal.

In the press release, Sensible Wilton Treasurer Curt Noel said, “No matter what Town Counsel may have told the First Selectman, nowhere does the Charter allow the First Selectman or Town Officials to violate State Election Laws when conducting a referendum. In fact, his  oath of office mandates that he uphold the laws, not ignore them.”

Of their efforts on Nov. 4, Mr. Ruskewich said, “Many signers told us of more election violations. We were very pleased with the number of signatures we received, but we need more to convince the First Selectman to revote.

“With every new signature, Sensible Wilton believes the First Selectman and the other Town Leaders look more out of touch with the voters who elected them. Every conversation we have with potential voters is an opportunity to answer questions Town Leaders won’t answer. And every additional signature undercuts any claims of a mandate,” Mr. Ruskewich said.