Selling chocolates to raise money

The Wilton High School PTSA is teaming up with Sweet Pierre's chocolate shop to raise funds in support of the organization's programs and services. Sweet Pierre's at 5 River Road, offers a wide variety of gourmet chocolates from around the U.S. and Europe, as well as many other specialty foods and gift baskets.

Three different baskets are being offered — $25, $50, $75 — and when orders are picked up, 15% of any additional purchases made in the store will also support the PTSA.

Orders placed by Nov. 26 may be picked up Dec. 10, and orders placed by Dec. 3 may be picked up by Dec. 17.

Each year the Wilton High School PTSA provides a number of activities and services for the purpose of enriching the curriculum and fostering communication within the high school community: freshman orientation, school photos, and gifts and grants including the science iPad test project, student leadership training, the career center, the message center, the Spring Language & Arts Festival, as well as the weekly newsletter.