Selectmen cut trash fees for seniors

The Board of Selectmen Monday voted to cut the hike in the transfer station fees for seniors to align with the increase for other residents. Seniors will now pay 50 cents more per 32-gallon bag of household garbage, instead of the $1.50 increase enacted by the selectmen in June. This raises the transfer station fee for seniors from $3 to $3.50, instead of the $4.50 fee enacted in June. Non-seniors are now paying $4.50 for transfer station tickets, up from $4.

"This is fair," said First Selectman Bill Brennan. He added the selectmen were unaware the fee hike enacted in June contained the $1.50 increase for seniors — while non-seniors received the 50-cent hike.

Now an increase of 50 cents applies to all.

In June, Thomas Thurkettle, director of public works, said an increase in fees was needed because the collector's tipping fee had risen from $88 a ton to $93. City Carting hauls the household garbage from the Wilton Transfer Station to Bridgeport. Mr. Thurkettle said residents' ticket fees have not been increased in the last 11 years.

However, the extra increase for seniors drew some criticism. At last month's Board of Selectmen's meeting, Cora Martin objected to the $1.50 increase, saying, "It's the principle of the thing."

The increase for seniors was also the subject of criticism in a letter to the editor in The Bulletin last month.